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TOSHIBA 530L 2-Door Refrigerator Inverter Fridge GR-RT624WE-PMY

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AirFALL Cooling

Simulate natural encircle air-flow, create an evener ecological storage environment for food, so as to better keep the original freshness.


Origin Inverter

In the refrigerator industry, Toshiba first adopted ORIGIN INVERTER technology, which spanned the first generation of single inverter technology. Both the compressor and the fan are inverter. The fan automatically sensed the change of the cooling capacity of the compressor and changed speed in 4 levels, improving cooling efficiency and energy saving by 17%*.


Pure Bio

Toshiba TMF Pure BIO is made of honeycomb ceramics, which can absorb unwanted smell efficiently. At the same time, it is plated with Ag+ ion catalyst. The sterilization and deodorization rate is up to 99.9%*, which can keep the refrigerator clean. Pure BIO can be reused by shined in sun in 16h. Environmentally friendly.


Humidity Control

Two levels of adjustment make the Humidity Control range up from 60% ~ 80% , to customize storage space for food, lock food moisture, and prolong preservation time.


Electric Control

One-key electronic temperature control achieves convenient touch control and precise temperature control, and Super Cool function ensures rapid cooling in a short time.


Cooling Zone

Cooling Zone is more suitable for storing seafood and meat, which can be achieved at low temperature (-1 ° ~ 1 °) to keep the meat fresh and not frozen, not only avoiding nutrition lost, but also cutting food directly when taken out from the refrigerator.



  • Door Type - Steel Door
  • Number Of Doors - 2 Doors
  • Compressor - Origin Inverter
  • Colour - Morandi Grey, Santi Grey
  • 1 Year General Warranty
  • 12 Years Compressor Warranty


Dimension (mm)

  • Width - 700
  • Depth - 680
  • Height - 1880


General Features

  • Control System - Electronics
  • Cooling System - Fan Cool, No Frost
  • Cooling Air Flow - Cool Air Wrapping
  • ULTRA Fresh Room Cooling - Yes
  • Interior Lamp - Twin LED Lamp
  • Eco Mode - Yes
  • Quick Freezing Mode - Yes
  • Adjustable Door Pocket - Yes
  • Utility Box - Yes
  • Low Noise Design - Yes
  • Egg Container - Yes
  • Freezer Tempered Glass Shelf - Yes
  • Refrigerator Tempered Glass Shelf - Yes
  • Crisper Tempered Glass Shelf - Yes
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